The Teacups

About The Teacups

Alex Cumming, Kate Locksley, Rosie Calvert and Will Finn met whilst studying on the Folk Degree at the University of Newcastle and formed The Teacups in 2010. It’s an age-old format – a quartet of singers: two men, two women – performing an age-old collection of songs.

But The Teacups are new, they’re young, and their debut album , One For The Pot, revels in the vibrancy of youth, and all that heartache, or confusion, or euphoria, that goes with it. 

And the best way to get that across to the listeners? Through unadorned, gutsy singing, where arrangements add the intrigue. With open mouths and hands chopping through the air like scythes, the listener will be compelled to join in on impact, learning the words and the tune in tandem if they didn’t know it before.

The Teacups - Rapper Set



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