Jen Ord

“Jen Ord’s voice is delicate and angelic”  Bright Young Folk

“Intense and intensely promising”  fRoots

About Jen Ord

Jen Ord’s interest in traditional English song first emerged as a child growing up in Cumbria. Her parents were involved in local clog and morris sides, which inevitably exposed Jen and her siblings to a whole repertoire of song and dance as their parents performed at events and festivals in the region.

As Jen’s intrigue grew, so did her need to learn the music and perform; firstly, taking up the recorder and accordion to accompany her mum’s clog team. Her father’s participation in a ceilidh band, and his weekends often occupied by gigs, prompted Jen to become an adept fiddler and found her own ceilidh band with her sisters. Accompanying morris and rapper sides on fiddle soon followed.

Whilst much of Jen Ord’s adult life has been spent studying and teaching music, she has continued to explore her own approach to the songs she remembers from her childhood, songs like ‘Live Not Where I Love’ which her mum practised religiously for showcasing at morris gatherings.

Jen Ord - 'Do You Love An Apple' @ Towersey Village Festival 2012

Now, as an adult, she can take her own experience – both musically and personally – and apply it to the song she chooses to sing, their meaning and sentiment having grown in clarity over the years.

And 2012 brings with it Jen’s first solo release, the Many’s A Mile EP. Here, she treats a clutch of songs with a romantic sensibility, combining piano cascades with heartfelt singing and a lyrical understanding.

Jen Ord realises that the listener might know the songs on her EP as well as she does, but with her skilled piano accompaniment and her sensitive arrangements, you will be encouraged to listen again, noticing elements – sentiments, settings, sounds – you might never have felt before.

See Jen performing songs from Many’s A Mile in 2014 accompanied by her partner, Matt Downer, bassist in the award-winning Welsh folk band, Jamie Smith’s Mabon, and English accoridion aficionado Barry Watson.


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